herbaro is the brand name for special combined plant information, which achieves a beneficial regulatory effect on mind and body of humans and animals. By his long-standing work in and with nature for the last 30 years Univ.-Prof. Dr. Helmut Hartl has acquired a profound knowledge of this plant information. Subsequently he succeeded in confirming medical knowledge by cooperation with psychic persons like a doctor, nonmedical practitioners and herb women. So the energetic impact of these strong effective plants couldn’t only be discovered but also documented by an indirect proof.

The available herbaro products (chemically identical ointment as bare substrate) are enriched with special information of these strong energetic plants. As a result, a new continuous “signature” like a fingerprint arises. A newly developed method provides identification and distinction of these enriched creams.

White noise is conducted through the sample with two flat antennas and with help of a frequency generator and an oscilloscope. The original signal as well as the one changed by the enriched sample is recorded. The emerging differential signal is processed by special algorithm. Numerous measurements are evaluated statistically and resultantly form a special signature which is unique for every herbaro cream. This unique information can be transferred to the organism via both cream and mobile phone app.

Another proof of the existence of information in the herbaro products can be seen in quick crystallizations in calcareous spring water, the crystal modification depending on the particular herbaro product. This effect has been documented by light microscope as well as scanning electron microscope.

Kristall herbaro 1 Kristall herbaro 2 Kristall herbaro 1 Kristall herbaro 4 Kristall herbaro 8

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Curriculum Vita of Univ.-Prof. Dr. Helmut Hartl

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Helmut Hartl
  • Born in Olomouc in 1941
  • Primary school and federal high school in Klagenfurt
  • Teaching degree for biology and mathematics in Vienna
  • Biology teacher at a federal high school in Klagenfurt
  • Habilitation at the University of Salzburg in 1971
  • Professor at the teacher training college Klagenfurt (teacher training in biology)
  • Since 1971 assistant professor and since 1981 associate professor at the University of Salzburg (institute for geobotany and systematic botany)
  • Lecturer for plant geography at the University of Klagenfurt for two decades
  • Executive of the section “botany” of the natural scientific society for Carinthia from 1978 to 2014
  • Representative of the Carinthian government for “science and conservation” in the national park board committee “Hohe Tauern”
  • Research and lectures on geobotany (vegetation science), areology, phytotherapy (medicinal plants) and ethnobotany
  • Numerous scientific and popular scientific publications on plant communities, vegetation and biotope mapping, botanic guides for national parks and conservation areas
  • Coauthor of several biological schoolbook series